Tabbed by ZososoZ

F                Gm 
Discorporate and come with me
F                   Cm
Shifting, drifting, cloudless, starless
Ab     Db      Eb      Gm       F      F    Eb
Velvet valleys and  a  sapphire sea   (wah  wah)

F                   Gm                 
Unbind your mind,   there is no time
F                       Cm  
To lick your stamps and paste them in
Ab       Db       Eb  Gm   F        F    Eb
Discorporate, and we  will begin   (wah  wah--Flower Power Sucks)

F           Gm         F          Gm  
Diamonds on velvets on goldens on vixen
   F         Gm       F          Gm
On comet and cupid on donner and blitzen
   F      Gm       F          Gm
On up and away and afar and a go-go
  F             Gm             F         G (major)
Escape from the weight of your corporate logo!

C           A           D     B      E*       
Unbind your mind, there is no time---Boin-n-n-n-g
To lick your stamps and paste them in
Discorporate, and we'll begin

(piano solo thirds C#-E | B-D | C#-E | D-F# | C#-E | B-D | A-C#)

G        F        G      F
Freedom! Freedom! Kindly Loving!
G         F   Em7    Dm7   G    F      Em7     Dm7** Eb**  
You'll be absolutely free, only if you want to be

F           Gm          F          Gm
Dreaming on cushions of velvet and satin
   F        Gm       F           Gm 
To music by magic by people that happen

   F         Gm         F              Gm
To enter the world of a strange purple jello
    F              Gm            F          G (major)
The dreams as they live them are all mellow yellow

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