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Such a Woman : Neil Young : Harvest Moon

[Bb] [Dm] [xx1331] [Bb/D] [F] [Bb]

[Bb]You are such a [Dm]woman to [1331]me,

and [Bb/D]I [F]love [Bb]you

[Bb]Our love, will [Dm]live [1331]

until the [Bb/D]end [F]of [Bb]time

[F]No one else, [Bb]can [D#]kill [Bb]me [Gm]like you [F]do

[F]No one else, [Bb]can [D#]fill [Bb]me [Gm]like you [F]do

and [Bb]no - one [Gm]else, can [D#]feel [F]our [Bb]pain

[Bb]Love is a [Dm]healer, [1331] and [Bb/D]I [F]love [Bb]you.

[C] [Em] [3553] [C] [G] [C]

[G]No one else [C]can [F]fill [C]me [Am]like you [G]do

[G]No one else [C]can [F]fill [C]me [Am]like you [G]do

And [C]I [Am] [F]love [G] [C]you.

[Bb]You are such a [Dm]woman, to [1331]me. [Bb/D] [F] [Bb]

playing sequence:
Part I x3  (Intro, v1 v2)
Part II x2 (No one else...)
Part III   (....feel our pain.)
Part I     (Love is a a healer...)
Part IV    (harmonica solo at C)
Part V     (No one else...) 
Part VI    (move back to Bb)
Part I     (You are...)

Part I x3
E ------------------------------------------------
B -------3-----------3-----------3-----------3----
G ----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----2- 

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