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~Title:                          ON THE WAY HOME         (Buffalo Springfield)
                                                             Neil Young

                Ooo ooo ooo,  Ooo ooo ooo
                A                       D                      A
                When the dream came,  I held my breath with my eyes closed
                                       D                       A
                I went insane,  like a smoke ring day when the wind blows
                              D                  A
                        Now I won't be back till later on
                             D       D/C#    Bm     E
                        If I do come back at all
                                G       D       Am7
                        But you know me,  and I miss you now 

                Ooo ooo ooo,  Ooo ooo ooo

                A                     D                 A
                In a strange game,  I saw myself as you knew me
                                               D                   A
                When the change came,  and you had a chance to see through me
                                   D             A
                        Though the other side is just the same 
                                D       D/C#     Bm    E
                        You can tell my dream is real
                                  G        D         Am7
                        Because I love you,  can you see me now

                Ooo ooo ooo,  Ooo ooo ooo
                Ooo ooo ooo,  Ooo ooo ooo
                        A         D             A
                        Though we rush ahead to save our time
                               D    D/C#    Bm     E
                        We are only what we feel
                              G        D         Am7
                        And I love you,  can you feel it now-- 

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