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 Love And Only Love

 Em              Em7     Em 
 Long ago in the book of old

 Before the chapter where dreams unfold

 Em         Em7               A   
 The battle raged on the open page

 G                         x0222x         
 Love was the winner there overcoming hate

 B                                Fm  
 Like a little girl that couldn't wait

 C D Fm G C D G C D Fm

 C             D           Em   G
 Love and only love will endure 

 C            D                  G 
 Hate is everything you think it is

 C             D                  Em   G
 Love and only love will break it down 

 C             D                           
 Love and only love .... will break it down

 (break it down) (break it down)


 Tomorrow is a long long time
 When you're a memory
 Tryin' a find peace of find
 Spirit, come back to me
 Give me strength and set me free
 Let me hear the magic in my heart

 v1 again.... *who* couldn't wait.

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