rcwoods|[email protected]
 Look out for my love : Unplugged

 E D A D  x4

 E                D    
 There's a lot to learn

 A           G   
 For wastin' time

 E                    D    
 There's a heart that burns

 A               D   
 There's an open mind

 Bm           G            
 Look out for my love  (x4)

 You own it

 You own it now

 You own it

 There's a weight on you
 But you can't feel it
 Livin' like I do
 It's hard to see it
 Was I hurt too bad?
 Can I show you daylight?
 How could I be sad
 When I know that you might
 Look out for my love (x4)

 Look out for my love

 It's in your neighbourhood

 I know things are gonna change

 But I can't say good or bad

 Silver wings of morning
 Shining in the grey day
 While the ice is forming
 On a lonely runway
 Hydraulic wipers pumping
 Till the window glistens
 Something saying something
 But no one seems to listen

 Men with walkie-talkies
 Men with flash-lights waving
 Up upon the tower
 Time reads daylight savings
 I'm home again to you babe
 You know it makes me wonder
 Sittin' in the quiet slipstream
 In the thunder
 Bm           G            
 Look out for my love (x10)

 Bm G    ad infinitum ... :-)

 as on the 'comes a time' album
 the riffs are very simple to work out...

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