song: Girl Like You
artist: Pete Yorn
album: musicforthemorningafter
transcribed by: Jon Makokis
questions & comments: [email protected]

note: capo on first fret

intro: D

D       G      A            D          G
Someday, I?ll look into her green eyes
    A                   D         G
and know that she?ll come with me
  A            D  G  A
a girl like you.

    D    G  A            D         G
Too many, things I do not care for
   A                D      G
but one thing that I adore
    A           D   G  A
is a girl like you.

     G        Em
I?ll always try
     G        Em
to look you in the eye.
      D G      A            D  G  A
It?s ok, with a girl like you

Tomorrow, I think I?ll tell you something
a thing that I haven?t said
to a girl like you.

And even if, I don?t know what the day will bring
still I can tell most anything
to a girl like you.

I?ll always try
to look you in the eye
it?s ok
with a girl like you
it?s ok
with a girl like you
a girl like you.(*end on D*)

CHORDS:(these are what he plays)

D: xx0230
G: 3x0030
A: x02220
Em: 022033

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