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Pretty Much The Same
by Ted Wulfers
From the Album: Agave Blue 2002

  C   Dm   Bb     F    Am

Chorus 1:	
C	Dm	Bb	F	C       (x4)
You're so pretty but you're pretty much the same girl I knew

Verse 1:	
Am 	Bb	Am	Bb	Am	Bb	F	C
I once loved you, I loved you so bad
Now that you're with me, you say goodnight
And that's too bad

Chorus 2:	C 	Dm	Bb	F	C 	(x4)

Change 1:	
Bb	F	Bb	F	
Sure you might have quit smoking
And sure you might have cut your hair
Dm	C	Bb	C
But when I look into your eyes, I still stare, I stare

Chorus 3:	C 	Dm	Bb	F	C 	(x4)	

Verse 2:	Am 	Bb	Am	Bb	Am	Bb	F	C
I once loved you, I could not live without
Now that I'm with you, I have my doubts, yeah, I have my doubts

Chorus 4:	C 	Dm	Bb	F	C 	(x4)

Change 2:	
Bb	F	Bb	F	
I'm lookin' through your photographs
Think of all the things I'd have liked to do
Dm	C	Bb	C
Now I realize I'll never have a chance with you, oh you

Chorus 5:	C 	Dm	Bb	F	C 	(x whatever)

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