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Naked Pleasure
by Ted Wulfers
From the Album: Agave Blue 2002

Chords in this song
    G   G/B  C9   Em  Am   D 

G G/B C9 (x4)

D                         C9
Sit right down and tell a story
                          G   G/B    C9
I'll get you another beer
D                     C9
Cuz the times I don't remember
                          G   G/B    C9
Are the times that weren't so clear
D                         C9
Those who call this life adventure
                          G   G/B    C9
Never know what to do
D                         C9
I guess this is my indenture
                          G   G/B    C9
Livin' it through and true

Am          D
Look at the sun
Am            D
I do believe he's sinking
Am      G/B      
Let us, let us get him
C9                       D
Let us get him on the run

G           G/B          C9
You gotta drive all night long
G           G/B          C9
Listen to your favorite song
           Em           D      C9
'Cause the highway never did no one wrong (Highway, no one wrong)
         Em   D   C9
This is where I belong

D                         C9
Naked was her first name
                          G   G/B    C9
Pleasure was her last
D                         C9
Fun and games were her future
                          G   G/B    C9
Treasure was her past
D                         C9
We would lie awake for hours
                          G   G/B    C9
Wonderin' what to do
D                         C9
With her perfume came a madness
                          G   G/B    C9
I wanted a whiff or two

Am          D
Look at her now
Am          D
She's got the everything
Am      G/B     
She needs, all she has
C9                       D
All she wants one more time


Em                    C9                  D
Thinking of places and miles that I have traveled
Em                    C9                   D
Looking at photographs on the floor I have scattered
Em                   C9                D
Time slips away leaving you with a moment
C9                      D
Never ever to be lived again
You gotta drive


End on a big G!!!!

One of the best new Rock & Roll songs.  So much fun to play
on Acoustic or Electric!!  Enjoy...

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