Robbie Williams / Rock DJ.
Tabbed by Richard Shearer / [email protected]
Song: Rock DJ           
Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Sing when you're winning
Tabbed by Richard Shearer

Yo guys here's the tab of the coolest song of the moment: Rock DJ
It's pretty easy to play: there are only  chords to play.
Here you can also find the complete lyrics of the song. 
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Intro: Bm 

(verse 1)
Bm                                       G B                     
Me with the floorshow kickin' with your torso 
Boys getting high and the girls even more so
Bm                                       G B
Wave your hands if you're not with the man can I kick it (yes you can) 
Bm                       G B                    
I got (funk) You got (soul) we got everybody 
Bm                                      E F     
I've got the gift gonna stick it in the goal 
It's time to move your body

Bm              G                    A  
Babylon back in business can I get a witness 
                  G B  
Every girl every man 
Bm             G                              A
Houston do you hear me ground-control can you feel me 
Need permission to land

Bm                  G B
I don't wanna rock, DJ 
Bm                          G B         
But you're making me feel so nice
Bm                    G B       
When's it gonna stop, DJ 
Bm                              G B
Cause you're keepin' me up all night

Repeat intro 

(verse 2)
Singin' in the classes 
Music for your masses 
Give no head 
No backstage passes 
Have a proper giggle 
I'll be quite polite 
But when I rock the mike I rock the mike (right) 
You got no love then you're with the wrong man 
It's time to move your body 
If you can’t get a girl but your best friend can 
It's time to move your body 

I don't wanna be sleazy 
Baby just tease me 
Got no family planned 
Houston can you hear me 
Ground-control can you feel me 
Need permission to land 

Repat chorus
I don't wanna rock, DJ... 
Bm              F
Pimpin' ain't easy 
Most of them fleece me
Every night
Bm              F 
Pimpin' ain't easy
But if you're sellin' it (sellin’ it, sellin’ it) 
It's alright 

Repeat intro
(Come on)
Repeat intro
I don't wanna rock, DJ...    

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