the union forever - the white stripes                          

Tabbed by:matthew gidman
Email:[email protected]


I can't believe that no-ones tabbed this yet - its such a cool song.
It's just this riff for the verses and the intro.After the middle part,
it is played with the same rhythm but picking random notes from whatever chord
the bar is in. Youll know what I mean when you next listen to the song. Whenever
this riff is played, it is always muted.

   [Emin]              [B]
This is the chorus. For the intro, play the above part twice, and then play the
last section of the chorus. Then the 1st verse starts...  you can work out the
order of the rest of the song from there. 

e|--------|--------|    ------------------------|
B|--------|--------|    ------------------------|
G|--------|--------|    ------------------------|
D|2--2--2-|8--8--8-|    99-99--55-55--88-88--2--|
A|2--2--2-|8--8--8-|    99-99--55-55--88-88--2--|
E|0--0--0-|6--6--6-| x4 77-77--33-33--66-66--0--|

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