Band: The White Stripes
Song: Lovesick
Subnitted by: Thom

Heres a great cover of the classic Dylan song 'lovesick', by the stripes.

I'm Walkin'
D                        Em  
Through streets that are dead.
D                      Em
Walkin' with you in my head.
                 D         B            A
My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired,
And the clouds are weepin'.

(Guitar kicks in here)

Did I
D                   Em
Hear someone tell a lie.
Did I
D                      Em
Hear someone's distant cry.
D                         B                   A
I spoke like a child, you just struck me with a smile,
               Em               G  A
While I was sleepin'.
                                G  A
I'm sick of love,
                        Em      G  A   
And I'm in the thick of it.
                                G  A
This kind of love,
I'm so sick of it.

(solo) then back to organ

I see
I see lovers in the meadow.
I see
I see sillouettes in the window.
I watched them 'till they're gone, and they leave me hangin' on,
To a shadow.

G  A                             G  A
         I'm sick of love,
                              Em        G  A
I wish I never met you.
                              G  A
I'm sick of love,
I'm tryin' to forget you.
Em                      D                      C
Just don't know what to do, I'd give anything to
B        Em
Be with you.


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