This is a pretty hard song to tab out, due to
the riffs before the verse. You don't have to 
play them exactly, just add bits or take them
away according to your taste. Parts of this tab 
are based on Jack playing live.


 Intro Pt.2
  A      G       G    F#   A

 Intro Pt.3

 A                   G
 Dead leaves and the dirty ground 
        C            D    A
 when I know you're not around
 A               G
 Shiny tops and soda pops 
         C              D      A
 when I hear your lips make a sound
         F5       G5           A
 when I hear your lips make a sound

  A     G     C    D    A

 Verse 2 Pt.1



Intro Pt.1 x 2
Intro Pt.2 x 2
Intro Pt.3 X 2
Verse x 2
Post-verse x 2
Verse 2 Pt.1 x 1
Carry on verse
Post verse x 2
Verse 2 Pt.1 x 1
Carry on Verse
Intro Pt.3 x 2
Finish with F5 G5 A

 Ta daa...This is a great song to play, and sounds even
better with a drummer to accompany you. Send any comments,
suggestions, business proposals etc. to [email protected]

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