Am  Dm  Em  G

Intro: Am / Em

Hey Little Apple Blossom
What seems to be the problem
All the ones you tell your troubles to
      Em           G       Am
they don't really care for you

Come and tell me what your thinking
cause just when the boat is sinking
a little light is blinking
   Em              G       Am
and i will come and rescue you

Dm                   Am
lots of girls walk around in tears
Em                Am
but thats not for you
Dm                        Am
you've been looking all around for years
         Em                G        Am
for someone to tell your troubles to

come and sit with me And talk a while
let me see your pretty little smile
put your troubles in a little pile 
   Em                 G     Am
and i will sort them out for you


then, play
'lots of girls.....' again
followed by
'come and sit with me....' again which ends in:

Em            G         Am
I'll fall in love with you
Em            G     Am
I think i'll marry you

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