Westlife – Walk Away
Chords by Libby W.

Verse 1:
Here we are, just a little older

Em                                    Dm   F
Time goes by, but did I ever tell you why

I want you so much

It came to me when you were not around

You’ll always be the one to understand 

       Dm-F   G
That’s why I can’t miss your touch

         Em       Am    F           C
Bridge:  All my life I waited for someone

     G       Am    F            G
And all this time you were the one, so

Chorus:   If you want a man that is here to stay

Swearing he’s forever true

	Bm                       G            A
I’ll never walk away, I’ll never give up on you

And if you want a love that will save the day

No matter what you’re going through

             G           A                     D            I’ll never walk away, I’ll never walk out on you

Verse 2:
I’ve been a fool, I didn’t see behind the friend in you
And, baby, don’t you ask me why
It just couldn’t be love
‘Cause from the start you would be the one to cure my heart
But I just didn’t look this way
And now I can’t get enough



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