Weezer - Hit Me Baby One More Time
Tabbed By: brody
EMail: [email protected]

   b               f#                     d      e            f# 
oh baby baby, how was i supposed to know,that something wasnt right here
(progression shown for above line is same for the rest of song, including chorus)

breakdown i guess...

   b               f#     d    e   f#
oh baby baby, how was i supposed to know
   b               c#     b    e   f#
oh pretty baby, i shouldnt a let you goooowhoooa
   b              	 f#                     d      	e            f# 
i must confess, that my loneliness, is killin me now, dont you know i still believe
   g                     a         g         e         f#     
that you will be here, just give a sign, hit me baby one more time i spent 10 min on this..im basically sure its right, just use a mix of bar and regular 
chords. willis, its your song.

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