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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 18:59:05 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Tom Waits_Dirt in the Ground

Tom Waits--Dirt in the Ground (written by T. Waits and Kathleen
from Bone Machine--1992

Verse 1:
Fm           Db      Fm        
What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
      Eb                    Ab         
We're all gonna be the same place 
When we die
Fm                      Db
Your spirit don't leave knowing
Fm                Db
Your face or your name
And the wind through your bones
   Ab       C7
Is all that remains
Fm                  Db   Eb  Fm   
And we're all gonna be... 
(4 times)
Fm (sung only)
Just dirt in the ground

Verse 2:
Fm               Db
The quill from a buzzard
Fm                   Db
The blood writes the word
          Eb            Ab
I want to know am I the sky 
or the bird
       Fm      Db
'Cause hell is boiling over
Fm            Db
And heaven is full
We're chained to the world
    Ab           C7
And we all gotta pull
Fm                  Db  Eb  Fm
And we're all gonna be...
(4 times)
...Just dirt in the ground

Verse 3:
        Fm         Db
Now the killer was smiling
     Fm             Db 
With nerves made of stone
He climbed the stairs
        Ab      C7
And the gallows groaned
        Fm                   Db 
And the people's hearts were pounding
          Fm                   Db
They were throbbing, they were red
As he swung out over the crowd
            Ab      C7    
I heard the hangman said
Fm              Db   Eb  Fm    
We're all gonna be...
(4 times)
Just dirt in the ground

Verse 4:
    Fm        Db
Now Cain slew Abel
   Fm                Db
He killed him with a stone
The sky cracked open
        Ab      C7 
And the thunder groaned
Fm               Db
Along a river of flesh
Fm                  Db
Can these dry bones live?
Ask a king or a beggar
        Ab             C7  
And the answer they'll give
Fm                 Db  Eb  Fm
Is we're all gonna be...
(4 times)
We're all gonna be just

Jeff Henscheid
[email protected]

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