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From: smolak[email protected]
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 16:44:38 EST
Subject: TAB: Out the Window by the Violent Femmes

here's Out the Window by the Violent Femmes, from the album Why Do Birds Sing?
(all chords are standard major chords -ver' easy).

	G			     C				G
	Life was fun, life was great til I made my big mistake, oh no, it never

		  D	G					C
	happen to me...life was short & life was sweet I was thinking as I hit

			     G				D
	the street, I could hardly believe it, I could scarcely conceive it, I

	    C			      G				D
	had Gone Out the Window I had Gone Out the Window I had Gone Out the

	      G					    C		   G
	Window...continue that pattern except for...Catch me I am falling,

	C	     G	   D
	catch me I am falling...(repeat)

Not too hard! send comments, complaints, & useless Femmes info to
[email protected]

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