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From: [email protected] (Andrew Poandl)

Jesus Walking On The Water 

Pretty easy song, pretty fun song.  Play open chords with an alternating
bass-strum folky thing.

D                 G              D
Oh my oh my oh my what if it was true
D                 A
Oh my oh my oh my tell me is it true
D                    G             D                 
Did he did he did he die upon that cross
D                    A           D
Did he did he did he come back a across

chorus bit:

Jesus walking on the water
Sweet Jesus walking in the sky
Sink in sand took my hand 

Raised me up and he brought me up
      G                  A   (pluck first four strings from the bottom up)
I can hold my my my head high

Will I will I will I be true to my birth
Will I will I will I give what I'm worth
Oh yes sir yes sir yes sir I come when you call
Yes sir yes sir yes sir Jesus I fall in awe

Jesus Walking on the water 
Sweet jesus walking in the sky etc.

-I think thats about it

-Andy([email protected])


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