every one else was way off so i decided to listen to it and figure it out,so i did
this is the real version and please give me a good rating  
   intro e)-------------------------------  (optional)  ------
         b)-------------------------------              ------
         g)-------------------------------              xx--xx
         d)-------------------------------              xx--xx
         a)---2p0-3-2---2-2-3-2---2p0-3-2-              xx--xx
         E)--3--------3---------3---------3  (drum part)xx--xx

            G      C       Em   
       I dont wanna type out the lyics but the order is:

       G G C C G Em C Em G Em C C Em G         (F)

  this is my 2nd tabbing and im happy about it i listened to this and figured it out any
questions [email protected]             AND PLEASE GIVE ME A RATTING!!!!!

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