Vertical Horizon
You Say
from the CD Everything You Want
Tabbed by Chris Dupont

Tune down 1/2 step (Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb)

Intro: E--A--B 2x

E                 A
Here in the light
             E           A  B
It burns you up inside
E                       A
Here in the shell of a sun
We echo on
C#m  A
Too much listening
C#m   A
Not enough living

E           A
And you say
B       E      A
What did I say
B       E       A
What did you say
We just
C#m          A         B
Go away, Go away, Go away

Verse 2: (same chords as Verse 1)
It helps you out
Knowing I'm left out
Locked in a box with a light
That won't shine
Turn it on and wait for
Someone to come


    I'm here now
C#m         F#m
    Holding on to reasons
    I faced it
C#m          F#m
    Watching you deny me

Verse 3: (same chords as Verses 1 & 2)
Here in the light
It burns you out sometimes
Here in the shell of a sun
We echo on
Left alone forever
All alone together

Chorus 2x

Outro: E-A-B 4x  End with E

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