Title: Everything You Want
Artist: Vertical Horizon
Album: Everything You Want
Transcribed by Dave Cohen, email [email protected]

This is a correction to a previous post of the tab for Everything
You Want. The verse didn't sounds quite right to me, so below is
what I play It still may not be perfect. The old tab called for
drop D tuning - this one is with normal tuning.

The timing is kind of tricky, so listen to the song to figure it
out. He mixes up 2 versions of the verse and improvises a little,
so just play whatever moves you.

Feel free to email me with any comments or corrections.

The first two measures have no bass.
Lyrics and bass start together.

G ---------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------4--------4-------------------------------
E --74--2h4-6--6--4-4h6-6-7--4h6-6-4-4-6-6-4-6-6-7--------------

G ---------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------4----------------------------------------
E --74--2h4-6--6--4-4h6-6-7--74--2h4-6--6-4-6-6-7--------------

and the chorus becomes

G -------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
D -------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
A -------6--4--|-------6--4--|-------6--4--|-------4--2--|
E -4--2--------|-4--2--------|-4--2--------|-4--2--------|

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