Gm                      F  
In the court of kings I look around
    D#                 D 
My blood runs cold, I close my eyes
Gm               F 
Out of my head a vision flows
     D#               D              Gm   C Gm C         Gm    C Gm C 
I'll make the rules I need for my survival,     for my survival   

I pull the strings, you take the glory
I load the gun, you shoot me down
I'm on the edge, about to fall
Destructive power will make you lose your mind, lose your mind

Gm D# F

Gm        F       D#        G#      Gm
Trapped inside my nightmare you are there

Gm D# F

Gm   F      D#        G#
As I turn I feel your evil stare

Gm F D# Gm C

We give our life, invest in time
To only fools who take control
I spend another cold day in hell
Against the odds, I fight for my survival, for my survival

Your useless life gets crushed into the ground
The time has come to turn it all around

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