Song:  Desire (Bass Tab)
Album:  Rattle & Hum
Group:  U2
Transcribed by:  Tim Kehler
Sent in by:  Paul Bergman

This is a pretty easy bassline for all in all a pretty easy, but great, 
song.  For most of the song Adam is doing the following:

E     5  0      5  0  5

With a red guitar............

      5   5 5   5 5 5
E                      5   5 5   5 5 5

If anyone has any U2 bass tab please send them in.  I am patiently 
waiting for a transcription of Please, Miami, and MoFo.  Please email me 
any corrections or anything.  If you're a U2 fan, especially of Adam, 
drop me a line.  Hail King Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hail his yellow arch 

Paul Bergman
[email protected]

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