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From: [email protected] (Dave Lyons)

			11 O'Clock, Tick Tock -U2

This is from the Under a Blood Red Sky song book...

From reading the piano music, it looks like the signature guitar riff is
something like

E ----4e-4e-2e-2e-4e-4e-2e-2e----------7e+7h-4e-4e-2e-2e----------------|
B ----5e-5e-3e-3e-5e-5e-3e-3e-5e-3e-5e-------5e-5e-3e-3e-5e-3e-5e-------|
G ----------------------------------------------------------------2e+2h-|
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

Where e = eigth note
      h = half note
      + = tie

The chords are

    E    C   Em no3rd   C6    Em/D  Bm/D   Em add F#  D

     Em no3rd                          C6                Em no3rd
It's cold outside.  It gets so hot in here.  And the boys and girls colide

         C6                                   Em no3rd
to the music in my ear.  I hear the children crying and I know it's time

   C6                        Em no3rd         C6
to go.  I hear the children crying.  Take me home.

Em no3rd                              C6                 Em no3rd
Painted face, and I know we haven't long.  We thought that we had the answers.

              C6                                         Em no3rd
It was the questions we had wrong.  I hear the children crying and I know

             C6                        Em no3rd          C6
it's time to go.  I hear the children crying.  Take me home.

Em/D Bm/D       Em/D       Bm/D       Em/D
Sad song.  Sad song.  Sad song.  Sad song.

 G      D          Em   G      D          Em   G       D            Em
Call out your name.    Call out in shame.     Call out,  you better   call out.

 G D Em G D EmaddF#

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