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                     She's Got A Single Thing In Mind

Performed by:  Conway Twitty
Album:  House on Old Lonesome Road
Written By:  Walt Aldridge
Transcribed by:  Ken Wilber ([email protected]) ([email protected])

Intro:  C, Am, F, C

C                                    Am
She can't find the words to break it to me
                   F             C
'Cause she always was the gentle kind
She's hoping I'll hear it from a friend somewhere
                    F             C
She's hoping I'll read between the lines

Am               D7   G
But it comes as no suprise
          Am         D7       G
'Cause she told me with her eyes
               C                    Am
So watch her unwind the ties that bind
              F               C
She's got a single thing in mind

(Chord progression same as the first two verses)

She's already gone except in body
It's just a matter now of time,
But I should have seen the storm clouds gathering
But he who won't look is just as blind

So there's only me to blame
When my woman drops my name
So watch her unwind the ties that bind
She's got a single thing in mind

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