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                              I've Never Seen The Likes Of You

Performed By Conway Twitty
Album:  Heart & Soul
Writers:  Bob McDill & Wayland Holyfield
Transcribed By:  Kenneth Wilber ([email protected])

C            F                    C
You walk in and I can hear the whispers
            F                C
As a hush fills the crowded room
G      C           F                C
You stand there looking just like heaven
            F     G        G7      C
Lord I've never seen the likes of you

(Same Chords)
>From the doorway your eyes search every table
As every man turns to look at you
You're special and anyone can see it
And lord I've never seen the likes of you

F            G         G7   C     G7        C   C7
And then I catch your eye from across the room
F              G      G7  C               G
And you smile back at me As I walk up to you

(Same as verse 1 and 2)
And say Hello there and put my arms around you
As I remember the day I married you
And now three kids later, You're more beautiful than ever
You know I've never seen the likes of you

Oh, Lord I've never seen the likes of you

Yes babe I've never seen the likes of you

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