The Price

                             by Twisted Sister
                        From the album: Stay Hungry
                              Bass Tablature

          transcribed by Joe Vahabzadeh . . . [email protected]
                      Originally completed on: 1/24/97
                            Updated on: 1/25/97
              Please email me for any problems or corrections.

         Thanks to Mike Zalot, whose guitar tablature of this song,
             I used as a general framework to help me in this.

                 Lyrics are at the end after the tablature

h.= dotted half note
h = half note
q.= dotted quarter note
q = quarter note
e.= dotted eigth note
e = eigth note
s = 16th note

R = Rest

() = indicates note is not struck again, but is continued from previous note.

)|       |(
)|       |(
)|  and  |(   indicate the beginning and end of a set of measures to be
)|       |(   repeated, followed by how many times to be played.

Pre-intro: 1/2 measure

Intro: 8 measures

  h               h                h               h

 |1-------------------------------|--------3-----------------------|(  x2
  h               h                q       s s s s h

Verse 1:   Rest for 7 measures, followed by:
  q.          s s e   e   s s e

Pre-Chorus:   4 measures
  h               h                q.          e   q       s e.

  h               q       q        q.         (s)s e   q

Chorus:  Play intro

Verse 2:  8 measures
)|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|( x3
  h               h                q.         (s)s e   q.

  h               h                q.         (s)s e   e   s s e

Repeat Pre-chorus, then Chorus.

Solo: Play last 4 measures of verse 2 section.

Repeat Pre-chorus.

Repeat Chorus to fade out.

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