Travis: The Man Who: Slide Show

Tabbed by Stephen Reid

^ Bend up
b Bend down
p Pull off


G/A   X00033
C9    020033
G/F#  200033
Em9   022002
D6    000202
Em    022000
Dsus  000233
Em7   020000
B7    021202
A7    002020
Cmaj7 032013


(G/A G G/A G G/A C9 G/F#) X4


(G/A G G/A G G/A C9 G/F#) X6 Em9                C                 D       D6
.............................hope I'm allright.....cause I'm gonna cry......


 Em                 G   Em                 G    Em                 G  D
But hold on hold on.....Slow down slow're out of touch...out
         Dsus D
of touch.......


                  G          D                      C             D
Cause there is no design for life there's no devils haircut in my mind there

         G             B7       Em          Em7 C                G
is not a wonderwall to climb or step around.......but there is a slide show

       B7        Em       Em7        A7       G             D
and it's so slow flashing through my was the day but only

for the first time


E --------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------|
G --------------------------0--2--4--4^bp2--0-|
D --------------------2--4--------------------|
A -----------------2--------------------------|
E --3--2--0--2--3-----------------------------|

E -------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------|
G --------------------0--2--4--5--5--4-|
D --------------2--4-------------------|
A -----------2-------------------------|
E --0--2--3----------------------------|

E --------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------|
G --------------------0--2--4--4^bp2--0-|
D --------------2--4--------------------|
A -----------2--------------------------|
E --0--2--3-----------------------------|

E --2-------------|
B --3-------------|
G --2--0-----0--2-|
D --0--0--4--0--0-|
A ----------------|
E ----------------|

Then just repeat the chorus except instead of the bracketed G play:

                 Cmaj7     D                   Cmaj7      D    GA
but only for the first time I hope it's not the last time...ohhhhhohhhhoh

And end on G

Thats it! Enjoy the tab, enjoy Travis, see ya! [email protected]

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