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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:17:19 EST
From: Corrayven 
Subject: CRD: t/travis/more_than_us.crd

Song: More then us
Artist: Travis
Tabbed by: Moray Swan

Play with a cappo on fret three


C:  332010
F:  x33211
Fm: x33111
G:  320033
E:  022100
Am: x02210
D:  xx0232



More than us, We are them

F                C
They don't know, What's in their hands

C                           G
It's more than you and it's more than I

But it's more,

Fm                        E
Everybody calls it love, but I'm not really sure

Am            D
if it's love, at all

Not any more.


More than he, More than she

F               C
They all sleep, but we just dream

C             G
More or less, means more for us

but it's more,

Fm                            E                         Am
everybody wants a hand, but I'm too busy holding up the world

D            Dm
To carry on, No not any more


F                   Fm          C
I wish that I could fly fly fly away

F                     Fm
and if I should fall and you hear me call

would you stay

More than us and we are them

F                        C
They don't know what's in their head

C                      G
It's more than you and it's more than I

but it's more

Fm                       E
everybody calls it love, I'm not really sure

Am                 D
if this is love at all

not anymore,



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