Last Train Chords by Travis

Capo 2nd fret
Em2     024000
Am7     x02013      
D/F#    20023x
G       320033
Intro: Em2    Em2 Am7 
Em2           Am7
Rain on the brain
        Em2 D/F#      Am7
Now there's flowers in your window
She oh she's so strange
I dont know anything about her
If its all the same to you
Here's what im gonna do
I'm gonna write a song
Gonna sing it to everyone
Then I'll sing it to you
'Cos it was you that wrote it too
This could be the last train
Search, within yourself,
the feelings, everybody's got them
You left me on the shelf
And now there no one to rely on
If its all the same to you
Here's what im gonna do
I'm gonna buy a gun
Gonna shoot everything, everyone
And them ill come for you
Cos it was you that drove me to...
This could be the last train
Bridge: Em2 Am7...Am7
Em2              Am7
Window, with a room
In her hair and on her jacket
      Am7                     G
There's a picture in white of Che Guevara
As he sits beneath the tree,
that's not important
Well maybe he looked a bit like me
 G        D/F#           Am7
If you took all the little feelings in your heart
       G              D/F#        Am7
And took all those little feelings all apart
 G      D/F#         Am7     Em2
Oh now what's the point in doing all of that? 

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