Hey, this is the first thing I have ever submitted, so I hope its OK. Em...
if it you do like it, or you want to correct it just send me an e-mail on
[email protected]

NB:-G* e-3   G** e-3    G*** e-3
       B-3       B-3         B-3
       G-0       G-0         G-0
       D-0       D-0         D-2
       A-2       A-0         A-2
       E-3       E-2         E-0

For the strum just pluck the Bottom string then strum down, until the Em,
then its down strokes, listen to the CD and you can easily pick it up:-

G*   G**  G***    G**     G*       G**    G***    G**
Everyday, in everyway i'm falling,
G*   G**  G***    G**     G*    Em    
Everything that everyone says turns me on,
                Am  Em                    Am
Shine a light on me,so that everyone can see,
G*                  G*** G*      G***
That I wanna stay here, indefinitly.

This is the basic tune, just play this on each verse but with the different words.

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