This is the humpty dumpty love song by travis, last track of the album INVISIBLE BAND a great track too. Sounds good slow or fast. If you hav any questions or want to know more or anything, email me [email protected]



       C - G - Am - Em - F - Fm - C - C.

Verse 1
C                G           Am               Em
All of the King's horses, all of the King's men,
F                Fm          C                C
couldn't pull my heart, back together again.
C             G        Am            Em
All of the physicians, mathmaticians too,
F                 Fm          C              C
failed to stop my heart, from breaking in two.

                  Am                C
Cos all i need is you, i just need you,
                  Am                        C
Yeah you got the glue, so i'm gonna give my heart to you.

Verse 2
I had a premenition, a movie in my mind,
confirming my suspicions, of all I would find.
Follow me to LA, down to Mexico,
came in through the back door, at the start of the show.

All I need is you, I just need you.
Yeah, you got the glue, I give my heart to you.

A                Dm Dsus4 Dm
It was a perfect day,         
A             Dm
oh a perfect way,
G7        Dm              G7
you know, something had to go,
     Dm                       G7  G
you left me high, you left me low,

Verse 3
Now, as I lie in pieces, I wait for your return,
the sun upon my forehead, burns baby burns, baby burns.
An eye on all my horses, you slept with all my men,
I'm never gonna get, together again.

All I need is you, I just need you.
Yeah, You got the glue, I give my heart to you.

Yeah, you've got the glue, there's nothing I can do,
yeah you've got the glue, I give my heart to you.

Outro [single strums]
C  Em  F  Fm  C  Em  Am
Ah,      Ah,       Ah.

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