Artist: Sarah Harmer (feat. The Tragically Hip)
Song:  Silver Road
OST - Men With Brooms

Transcribed by Auryn S. [[email protected]]

Heres the chord shapes for the beginners. I've tried to be as accurate as possible while placing the chord 
over the lyrics, but I'm not sure about the lyrics.

     A           E          Bm        D
E ||----0---------0---------2--------2-------------||
B ||----2---------0---------3--------3-------------||
G ||----2---------1---------4--------2-------------||
D ||----2---------2---------4--------0-------------||
A ||----0---------2---------2--------x-------------||
E ||----x---------0---------2--------x-------------||


        A              E      Bm        D
I'll be waiting on the silver road I'll go
          A           E         Bm        D
Where the moon has'nt lit up
A             E          Bm     D
Turn off your headlights and go slowly
        A          E           Bm          D
I don't want it to let up

E ||-------------------------------||
B ||-------------------------------||
G ||-------------------------------||
D ||-------0---0---0---0---0-------||
A ||-------------------------------||
E ||-------------------------------||


A            E             A        E
Had you been thinking that you were all alone
      A               E           D
While I still thought of you
  A          E         A        E
A word every once in a while forgettin' that
A                  E       D
Someone that could be true

A           E         A       E
Held in the beam of a light I thought we shared
A             E          D
Shone between two shores
A           E         A        E
Wants to be travelled like the gravel that
A            E         D
Runs from my door to yours

Chorus x2


Chorus x2

Praises are welcome.


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