Cm     Gm      D#   D#\D 
This used to be our secret
         Gm     G#     B F
Now I'm hiding here alone
Can't help but read our names on the wall
And wash them off the stone

   Cm     Gm     D#     D#\D
I trusted you in every way
But not enough to make you stay
       Fm9Б G#      
Turn around
I've lost my ground

          G#     B  
Come and rescue me
     Cm                Gm 
I'm burning, can't you see
          G#     B 		
Come and rescue me
Only you can set me free
           G#    B     
Come and rescue me
Rescue me   
Rescue me

We lied when we were dreaming  
Our crying was just fake
I wish you could deny it
Here and today


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