Intro (?)
E  D   C G   A
A                                  E
Well the weatherman said it might storm 

G                          A                   I
gotta hit the field gotta bail some hay
A                          E
And I can't let it rain on my Daddy's farm
     G                   A
Til I get it all stacked up high in the barn
And I'm gonna call my baby she's been 
waitin' on me
     G                  A
She lives downtown on Sycamore street
And the wheels on the black top a startin' 
to whine
     G                          A
As I pass that Oklahoma City limit sign

A                    E
I'm a hayseed and a plow boy
     D              A
I'm a farm kid and a cowboy
A                 E       
I'm a roughneck Daddy was a roughneck 
A                 E
I run around with hillbilly girls
D                        A
The weekend sits on my hillbilly world
You better be ready when the Sun goes 
              G                A
That's when country comes to town

Ggggg C A

verse 2:
A                            E
Daddy said child you better leave him be
       G                       A
Well I don't like him and he sure don't like 

A                             E
Mamma just says ya'll have a little fun
Ain't doin' nothin' me and Pappa ain't done
A                        E
Open up the door to my pick-up truck
         G                   A   
And my baby jumps in and she fires it up
A                              E
And she gives me a kiss as I crawl in
             G                    A
We've been waitin' all week for a weekend


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