H A    H 
Watching her 
A                     H A     H A
Strolling in the night so white 
Wondering why 
F#5                   H A   
It's only After Dark 
In her eyes        
A distant fire light burns bright            
Wondering why     
It's only After Dark 

       E5   D      E5   D            
I find myself in her room           
Feel the fever of my doom 
       F#   E    F#           E            
Falling falling through the floor 
F#                                H A   H A
I'm knocking on the Devils door  yeah yeah ... 
In the dark       
I wake up to find her gone and the note 
Says only after dark

Burning burning in the flame            
Now I know her secret name           
You can tear her temple down            
But she'll be back and rule again 
   H A     H       
In my heart 
   A           H A             H A
A deep and dark and lonely part 
Wants her and waits for 
H           C#           D           E           F#    
After Dark  After Dark  After Dark  After Dark  After Daaaaark

After Dark - Solo       Tito & Tarantula  
E :-------------------|------------------|-----------------------|
B :-------------------|------------------|-----------------------|
G :----11-9-----------|------11-p9-9-----|-------11^-9-11^-9-11^-|
D :---------9---------|--------------9-9-|12-9-------------------|
A :7-9----------------|7-7-9-------------|-----7*----------------|
E :-----------7-10-10-|------------------|-----------------------|

E :-----------------------|----7-10---------7-|h10-7~-11^-13^-7--------|
B :-----7-10^-------------|-------------------|------------------------|
G :9-11-------11----------|9------------------|------------------------|
D :--------------9-h12-12-|--9------9-12-12---|-----------------9-12-9-|
A :-----------------------|-------------------|------------------------|
E :-----------------------|-------------------|------------------------|
E :------------------|
B :------------------|
G :9^----------------|
D :---9-12-9---------|
A :------------------|
E :------------------|

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