С            G                Am      F        C
  While the rest of you are sleeping safe and sound
              G              C
  I´m on the run I´m on the wing

  Climb the ceiling when the walls are falling apart
  I´m the one to blame for everything

     F                            C
  A substitute for God, a sacred muse
       F                                C
  The hell with it, it´s just a lame excuse
  G                               C
  Everything I ever used I have abused

  F      C              G         C
  All I live for is my heaven of high
  F         C             G        C
  I´ll be there when the sun goes down

  Withered Jimsonweed a night on bad speed
  This purple haze works in mysterious ways
  Wait another day to wash my sins away
  In another time, in another place

За текст не ручаюсь - возможны каламбуры.
Он был кем-то воспринят на слух.

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