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From: Phillip Charles Saunders 

Gypsy Love Songs, Richard Thompson
(Drop D tuning)

transcribed by [email protected]


Main riff

Tropical night, Malaria moon
Dying stars of the silver screen
She danced that famous Gypsy dance
With a hole in her tambourine

I was young enough and dumb enough
I swallowed down my Mickey Finn
She'd hijacked a few hearts all right
I went into a tailspin

Bb             Dm7/A          Gm7
Don't sing me, don't sing me, don't sing me
Bb/F          Dm
No more gypsy love songs
Bb             Dm7/A          Gm7
Don't sing me, don't sing me, don't sing me
Bb/F          Dm
No more gypsy love songs
      Gm/D        Dm
Don't stir it up again

I put my arm around her waist
Says she, young man, you're getting warm
The room was going somewhere without me
And she laughed as she read my palm


Am        E     F          C       Dm      G
Stillborn love, passionate dreams, pitiful greed
        Am     E              F      C
And the silver tongues of the tinker girls,
    Dm                  Em
Who throw their book of life at you
    F                 G
But don't know how to read

She was third generation Transylvanian
I was the seventh son of a seventh son
I begged the band don't play that tune
Please don't beguine the begun

When I awoke, she'd cut and run
She stole my blueprints and my change
Just a horseshoe and a note on the bed
And all it said was--strange


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