First, tune to DBGDGD (From the order of EADGBe)

Chords are played in this order:    G5     Asus2     Am     Cmaj7     C
Cmaj7     (That was intro)      G5    G6     Asus2     Am     Em     Am
G5     G6     Asus2     Am     Cmaj7     Asus2    Am      G5     G6
Asus2     Am      Em     Am     G5      Asus2     Am     Cmaj7   (that was
verse)      Chorus  G5     Am     Cmaj7     A7sus2     Am     G5     Sm
Cmaj7     Am

Bridge     Em     G5     Am     Em     G5     Em     G5     Am
Interlde     G5     Am     Cmaj7     A7sus2     Am     G5     Am     Cmaj7

Should be right on. Play with CD for correct chord changes.
Just follow the chord sequence
       EADGBe Strings
G5      2x003x
G6      2x0030
Asus2   x023xx
Am      x02310
Em      023000
G       xx000x
Cmaj7   x32000
A7sus2  x01000
C       x32010 if you have any questions
The Mettalmaggot

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