C  (strum basically the b,g,d strings)

Verse 1
 Sometimes the night...
 C   G   Am 
 Em  F   C   G
 C   G   Am
 Em  F   C   G

 Beat me up...
 Am  C   F   G

 I will hold my head high...
 (g) C   G   
 Am  G   F5
 F5  G   C

Verse 2
 I know you said it'll be ok...
 C   G   Am
 Em  F   C   G
 C   G   Am
 Em  F   C   G

  This is such a great song, and so easy to play.  Mac does an awesome job on the
vocals too.  Everything is pretty much correct.  There might be a variation of
the C chord in the bridge.  Mess around with it and see what you think.     
Till He comes,  Matt

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