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Date: Sun, 10 May 98 22:13:50 PDT
From: Marston 
Subject: t/third_day/consuming_fire.tab

Consuming Fire
By: Third Day
From: Myron Marston and Jeremy Dillow
email: [email protected]

Daniel McNeal ([email protected]) deserves credit for all the
chords.  We only changed the B to a B7 (it sounds slightly better)
and added the guitar solo.  If you know a better way to play anything,
or need help on the solo, please let us know.

E-C-G-D-E-C-A x2
E-G-A x2

E        G        A
Set this place on fire
E         G       A
Send your Spirit, Savior
E      G        A
Rescue from the mire
E         G       A
Show your servant favor
A                          G
Yesterday was the day that I was alone
    D                      B7
Now I'm in the presence of Almighty God

        E    C       G         D
Yes our God, He is a consuming fire
        E      C         A
And the flames burn down deep in my soul
        E   C       G         D
Yes our God He is a consuming fire
   E         C           A
He reaches inside and He melts down this cold heart of stone.

E-G-A X2




Bm       D             A                      Em
Did you realize that inside of you there is a flame
Bm      D                  A
Did you ever try to let it burn
Let it burn, let it burn?

            E    C       G         D
And yes our God, He is a consuming fire
        E      C         A
And the flames burn down deep in my soul

-Drum Fill-
-Guitar Solo-(E-C-G-D-E-C-A)

-14b16-(play 3x)-14b16r14p12h14v----------------------------12----------

                        Play this fast!

--15------------------       b=bend
----17-15---17b19r17v-       r=return
---------16-----------       p=pull off
----------------------       h=hammer on
----------------------       v=vibrato

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songs, a division of gray dot, inc. (ASCAP)

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