Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Pencil Rain
Album: Lincoln

Intro: Ab

The possible dream;   finale of seem
                                                     Bbm   Eb
The moment that some call eternal,  that some call insane
               Ab   Ab7                  Db    Dbm
Now helmets on each head,   awaiting the first led
               Ab Eb                Ab       A
The pageant is named:    the Pencil Rain

Verse 2:
The infantry stands and holds out its hands
The marshall's binoculars focus;  and skyward they train
They're searching the yonder blue - they look out for Number Two
The heraldry of    the Pencil Rain

Bridge :
Ab  - / A      Ab  - / A
Ab  - / A      Bbm  Eb
Ab  Ab7        Db  Dbm
Ab  Eb         Ab  - / A

Verse 3:
And now hear the roar that none can ignore
The thunderous clatter of splintering wood and lives that are claimed
And none who have witnessed all can speak of a nobler cause
Than perishing in    the Pencil Rain

           Ab     A   
The Pencil Rain
           Ab     A  
The Pencil Rain
The Pencil Rain

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