Artist: They Might Be Giants
Song: Hovering Sombrero 
Album: Mink Car

Verse 1:
D     G         A
Hey hovering sombrero 
        D             G              A
Gently waving in the air above the meadow
           D            G                Em 
Softly floating in the sky outside the window
 G          Em     G        A
Hovering sombrero don't be shy
D  G  A           G        D  G  A  G
Doooooooooon't   don't be shy
D            G  A    G  D  G  A  G
Doooooooon't be   terrified

          D       G           A      D
When you take yourself for granted feel
D/F#      G     Em      A
Rejected and unwanted  Know
        D     Em     G           A    D    Em     G       A     
You're never just a hat you're never only just a hat you know

Post Chorus:
Bm  G            F#
    Hovering Sombrero
Bm  G            F#
    Hovering Sombrero

Verse 2:
Time is flying like an arrow
And the clock hands go so fast, they make the wind blow
And it makes the pages of the calendar go
Flying out the window, one by one
'Til 100 years are on the front lawn (no)
And the old, familiar things are mostly all gone
But the old sombrero just keeps hovering on (no)
Hovering sombrero, hover on

Don't be burdened by regrets or make (no)
Your failures an obsession
Or become embittered or possessed by ruined hopes (no no)
Remember, when you take yourself for granted (no)
Feel rejected and unwanted, know (no)
You're never just a hat (no)
You're never only just a hat, you know (no)

Hovering sombrero
Hovering sombrero

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