FROM HERE ON IN - The Living End

Tabbed by Kris Holmes

[email protected]

Intro:2 gtrs arranged for 1
C   /G  C/A   /

Verse 1:
A         F           C                            G
Oh I can't explain it though I guess it's just the way it goes

    A         F         C           G
And for I know no reason for I know where I'm going

Pre chorus:
E    F# G  E F# G#    E F# G E F# G     A   B  C    A    BC E
Don't come around here no more   you're not welcome here anymore

     A       F C       G
From here on in you're on your own

   A     F C     G
So carry on just like before

    D                 F E
And don't you think I won't

Solo 1:
over A   /F   /C   /G   / x2

Verse 2:
A          F            C                             G
I've got no time for you so don't come near me 'coz I just can't standit

A             F            C           G
Now there's no room for you for I know where I'm going

Pre chorus:

A C# D   A C# D   A C# D
No       No       No

F    A   F   A G
No       No

A   /F   /C   /G   / x2

Verse 1:

D                 F E
Don't you think I won't  x3

End Solo: over A   /F   /C   /G   /
               A   /F   /C   /GFG C/A

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