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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 96 10:43:40 GMT
From: [email protected]
Subject: TAB: So_in_love_with_you by Texas

>From Jerome Filliere ([email protected]) on 4 january 1996

So in love with you - Texas  (v1.0)

Am                  D
I'm so in love with you
F                   G
I'm so in love with you
Whether it is right or it's wrong
I'm too weak to be strong
F                   G
I'm so in love with you

         C                Em
Well you say you need something
   Am                    F        G
To help you where you're down, to take your fears away
        C               Em
Yeh you say you'd do anything
   Am                     F
To keep your feet off the ground
    G                     Em
And help you on your way
F            G
You're all I need
F                      G    Em
Yeh you are all that I need

I'm so in love with you         *
I'm so in love with you
Whether it is right or it's wrong
I'm too weak to be strong
I'm so in love with you

When you see your reflection
You say it isn't you
Then you turn the other way
And I'm watching you suffer
Yourself and your pain
Please don't fade away


* : you can there play an arpegio with the previous chords that
    you may modify in Am, Dsus2,Fmaj7 and G* :

   Am               Dsus2            Fmaj7            G*


It sounds very nice with two guitars : an acoustic one which plays the chords, and an
electric one can play the arpegio with a cool sound like the record.

Email me for any comments, suggestions or rectifications...

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