Tenacious D - double team
Tabbed By: ed
EMail: [email protected]

tenacious D is in regular tuning EADGBE

the order of the first cords of the first verse and so that is 
real pretty and soft are all barre cords

hear is the progression of them-----Em---C---A----G---B--

the next cord progression  is the heavier part and it to is barre cords

------Em----Bb-A---G-- and repeats that until it does a break doun thing like so....

A--2----------------------------0--Same thing here withe the 3bend
E--0--3bend then release a few-----------

Repeat a fewnext is the funky porno thing and it goes like soo...

d---------------------------------5h7 then 7 bend-------------
a--5h7-7--7p5--repeat a few then--0-----------
E--0---0--0--------------------------------------that is all i can remember right now so good luck and have fun, and 
remeber it squeeza a cleveland steamer on someones' chest

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