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Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again
(James Taylor) (c) 1971 Blackood Music

A                      Em9
Late last night so far away
  Em9        A      Em7
I dreamed my-self a dream
           A              Em9
Well I dreamed I as so all alone
Em9                       A Em9 A
Isn't it nice to be home again?
I said welcome home
C#m                         F#m7
Didn't we miss your smiling face
F#m                      B7
Well the sun was nice in L.A.
Bm7 E7
Em9                       A Em9 A
Isn't it nice to be home again?
            Dmaj7         C#m   Bm7  D/E Amaj7
Well I said isn't it nice to be home a-  gain?

Em9: 0x403x
Em7: 0x000x

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