Вступление:C G Am F
C                                      B-C
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Underclass,
The presedent of the United States of America,
Is Dead!
C         Em\H             Am 
I dont belive in the politics,
            C\G             F
The chosen fools and hypocrits,
           G                      Am
We walk a line that stretched so fine,
                 G          F
It's death or glory having time?
And here we go,
I guess the resolution,
No-one knows,
Who'll lead this revolution now,
attention grows,
the way to a conclusion,

It's too late their's no time,
All for none, never was two, three, four

March of the dogs,
to a beat of dissolution
sworn under god,
breeding panic and confusion,
the white flag is down,
send in the clows,
the carnival of sins is nowhere to begin,

It may be i'm a pessimist,
but i say we need an exorcist,
the root of all evil standing tall,
under god and above us all,

And here we go,
Im getting desperation,
all we know,
confusion and frustration,
ditch your clothes,
no vision of salvation

It's too late their's no time,
All for none, never was two, three, four


hey! hey! hey! hey!
A-one, two, three, four

Another president dead,
because they blew off his head,
no more kids to be led,
yes to heaven he fled,
was it something he said,
cause of who's in he bed,
by who will we be led?
by whose hand will we be fed?
all the lies by the lying liars who said
we'll be fine,
its ok,
hey look mum no 

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