Вступление:D A G
You said it once before, 
you don't do those things you used to anymore.
     D       A\C#              Hm
You say in doubt, were fading out,
forgetting who we used to be.

      Hm7        G7         D
Cause I will bring you down,
         A               Em7                  G7
I don't want to miss, I don't think you can handle this.
        D          A        Em7
You've lost what you can't find; 
            G7              D
it's never what you had in mind.

You take it with a smile; 
it's so easy when you're always in denial
Just in time but out of line 
I can't make all the same mistakes you want me to.


Your giving up you know it's not what you need.
And it's true what you're going through.
Try so hard not listen to everything I never say.


I'm getting over getting used to,
And after all that I put you through now I see I'm not the only one.

I never thought It'd ever come to,
This in fact was never what you wanted from me or how you meant it to be. 

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