You look into my eyes
I go out of my mind
I can't see anything
Cos this love's got me blind
I can't help myself
I can't break the spell
I can't even try

I'm in over my head
You got under my skin
I got no strength at all
In the state that I'm in

And my knees are weak
And my mouth can't speak
Fell too far this time

          F#m           G
Baby, I'm too lost in you 
Caught in you 
Lost in everything about you 
    C#m             G
So deep, I can't sleep
I can't think                         G
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you 
(Too lost in you) 

Well you whispered to me
And I shiver inside
You undo me and move me
In ways undefined
And you're all I see
And you're all I need
Help me baby (help me baby)
Help me baby (help me now)

Cos I'm slipping away
Like the sand to the tide
Flowing into your arms
Falling into your eyes
If you get too near
I might disappear
I might lose my mind


Bridge : 
B                A
I'm going crazy in love for you baby
(I can't eat and I can't sleep)
B                   A
I'm going down like a stone in the sea
Yeah, no one can rescue me
(No one can rescue me)
ooh ooooh

Oooh, my baby
Oooh, baby, baby, baby


I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you
I'm lost in everything about you 
So deep (so deep), I can't sleep (no,no,no)
I can't think 
I just think about the things that you do (you do)
I'm too lost in you 
(Too lost in you)

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